Solutions for Military/ Career Seekers


Employers desire members of our armed services to work for them, because they know that individuals that have served in our military are loyal, committed, dependable, hard workers. However, many of our armed forces members lack the training or education needed to perform most jobs outside of their military occupation. The MyMapPlan platform provides you with the ability to research a career path, pick a job that suits your plan, and matches you with educational and career professionals to help prepare you for life after the military. If you are not interested in higher learning, MyMapPlan also helps you connect directly with recruiting professionals that want to hire veterans with or without a degree.

Non Military/Military Spouse

There are plenty of career opportunities for the skilled worker, the problem is, there aren’t enough skilled workers to fill these high paying positions. MyMapPlan takes out the uncertainty by helping you to research careers that fit your personality and minimum requirements to achieving the career of your choice.   

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How It Works

Search over 1100 careers, providing you with the minimum educational requirements and average salary that you can expect to achieve in a chosen career

Create and manage your own path to success

Keep track of your training and experience to share with future employers

Become competitive in today’s ever-changing marketplace

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