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Your first choice  VetS4L Connecting Veterans, Service Members Active, NG, Reservist and communities.

VETS4L is committed to providing real viable Solutions 4 Life.  We identify specific hurdles with Transitioning service members, Veterans and our; Communities resulting in a win-win for all!!!

Let us Connect you to your next career.  Schedule an Appointment today with our Veteran consultants.  We assist in  areas of transition with One on One mentorship, Credentialing, Disability, Education, Relocation, Financial Management, and those things all in between.  This will set the foundation which to build from and reduce the stressors  associated with relocating.

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Vets4Life hosts workshops and seminars that you don’t want to miss! Click on the events below for more information.

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If you are looking for something to make the transition a little easier, look no further.  The services we provide and our networking capability will assist you through the uncertainties of transitioning back into civilian life.  Our services cater to a large audience of military members, via you are getting out early, retiring, medical separation, or non of the above we can assist you in the next chapter of your life.  If you want to learn more click on the tab below or schedule and one on one with our trained veteran consultants.   Welcome to Veterans Solutions 4 Life   


Attend one of our weekly or quarterly events.  We conducted weekly lunch learn and connects with leading industries in today’s fast-changing environments.   (IT, Cyber, Automotive, Diesal, Transportation to name a few.)  If you would like to know more click the link below or registered to attend our events located at the top of our page.  Veterans Solutions 4 Life.

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Military Spouses

Military spouses who have served are war fights deserve every opportunity in sharing the advantages that their spouse serving the county has to offer.   It is time to learn and understand the benefits that you have as being a spouse.  Take advantage of the benefits that are afforded to you for serving those who have served.  You are a valued member of the warfighter team and deserve the opportunities to reach your goals and success in life. For more information click the link below or schedule a One on One Consultation with our well trained veteran consultants.

Mission Statement

Veterans Solutions 4 Life provides solutions for veterans, service members, and spouses. At the same time, they serve, transition, and beyond their service to take pleasure in a meaningful career and life the way you choose it.


We love helping our veterans! Read about how Vets4Life helped these veterans turn their dreams into reality. 

Thanks to Divergence Academy, Veterans Solutions 4 Life and Era Solutions for guiding me to meet success head on, I have successfully obtained my 2nd certification! A lot of studying and home lab tinkering aided in preparation for this exam.
Thank you
Charles Fulmer

Charles Fulmer

Life is like a black box penetration test, and we are the Pentesters.
25 years ago I had the dream to become a professional baseball player and play in the big leagues, and no matter how hard I trained it just didn’t happen for me. after that failure I stopped dreaming and got on with the script…  

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Juan Hayes

Army Veterans 25N Computer Networker, I realized I wanted to know more about the cloud.  I was motivated by my transition out of the military and had the opportunity in one of the briefs to learn about Cyber Security.


Angelica Ambrose