Juan Hayes Testimonial

Life is like a black box penetration test, and we are the pentesters.

25 years ago I had the dream to become a professional baseball player and play in the big
leagues, and no matter how hard I trained it just didn’t happened for me. after that failure I
stopped dreaming and got on with the script…

Three months ago I dared to dream again, I wanted to become a Cybersecurity professional, and enrolled in a course offered by Divergence Academy, which I found out about thanks to Veterans Solutions for Life and Era Solutions. Two weeks ago I tried to obtain my Security+ certification and I failed the exam, but this time I did not stop dreaming, this time I did not get with the script.

I studied harder for the next two weeks and I scheduled my next attempt. I think God favors those who do not know when to quit because I have been rewarded this time around.

Jennifer Haynes, Gary, Michael Dombrowski, Justin Carr, Mario Verdasca, and the rest of the 2020-06-Cyberpentest class, thank you for believing God is good all of the time.

Juan Hayes